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Hyperlink Action

You can add a hyperlink to a report item so that a user can access a Web page by clicking the item. A hyperlink can be a static URL or an expression that evaluates to a URL. If you have a field in a database that contains URLs, the expression can contain that field, resulting in a dynamic list of hyperlinks in the report. You can define a hyperlink on any report item.

Hyperlink URL-s should be absolute by design. This ensures they are compatible with all of the report viewers and supported rendering formats.

To define a hyperlink add a NavigateToUrlAction on an item.

You can also specify whether the URL is opened in the same or new browser window using the Target property.

Opening URL in the same window is only applicable for the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer and Silverlight Application. For the others, the NavigateToUrlAction would be opened in a new window.

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