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How to Add filtering to Graph item

This topic illustrates how to add filters to a Graph item's Filters using the Report Designer or Report API, where the filtering occurs after data is retrieved by the report.

If you need to filter data on retrieval, see Using Parameters with Data Source objects

Adding filters to Graph using Report Designer

  1. Open a report in Design view.

  2. Left-click a Chart item to select it.

  3. Click Filters ellipsis in the property grid. This displays the current list of filters. By default, the list is empty.

  4. Click New. A new blank filter equation appears.

  5. In Expression, type or select the expression for the field to filter. To open the Edit Expression Dialog, select the <Expression> option.

  6. In the Operator box, select the operator that you want the filter to use to compare the values in the Expression box and the Value box.

  7. In the Value box, type the expression or value against which you want the filter to evaluate the value in Expression.

  8. Click OK.

Adding filters to Graph programatically

Telerik.Reporting.Filter filter1 = new Telerik.Reporting.Filter();
filter1.Expression = "=Fields.ProductID";
filter1.Operator = Telerik.Reporting.FilterOperator.GreaterThan;
filter1.Value = "=10";


The Graph item has a complex structure built by CategoryGroups and SeriesGroups collections, where each collection has its own Filters. If you need to limit slots, filter the CategoryGroups collection. If you need to filter dynamically created series, filter the SeriesGroups collection.

The Group Explorer can be used for checking the Graph item's Series and Categories groups.

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