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Automatically generated folder in Telerik.ReportServer.Web\Data for REST Service storage


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When the Telerik Report Server uses File Storage, the Data subfolder by default is used to store the Report Server data in the TRS subfolder. A subfolder with a name resembling GUID (e.g. 8963c32d) is also autogenerated for the REST Service storage. If there are large reports generated on the Report Server this folder may occupy excessive space.


The Telerik Report Server uses the same reporting engine as Telerik Reporting. When previewing reports the REST Service of the Report Server needs to cache resources - check HTML5 Report Viewer and Reporting REST services. These resources are cached in a subfolder of the Telerik.ReportServer.Web\Data\8963c32d named on the version of Telerik Reporting used, e.g. This folder may be deleted as the temporary resources generated in it are no longer needed after closing the previewed reports, and their absence will not influence Report Server data/reports/users/etc.

This REST Service storage is different from the Report Server Storage and is not migrated with the latter. However, the folders may remain after upgrade. They should be deleted manually to free the occupied space.

The Storage of the REST Service may be configured separately in the Web.config file of the application - by default in (_Telerik Report Server installation folder_)\Telerik.ReportServer.Web. More details can be found in the Telerik Reporting Configuration-restReportService Element article.

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