Could not find stored procedure 'sp_tr_GetBytes'


Product ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Report Server (with 15 CAL users)
Operating System Windows


The Report Server application fails to start and an error message 'Could not find stored procedure 'sp_tr_GetBytes' appears.


The error could occur if using MsSqlServerStorage which requires an MSSQL database.

Please test the following:
1. On an accessible by the server machine MSSQL Server, create a blank database;
2. Close all browsers;
3. Uninstall and reinstall Telerik Report Server in a custom folder, when you are asked where to place the installation. Our recommendation is to use the MSI file from your Telerik account -> Downloads -> Report Server -> MSI and to run the installer as an administrator of the machine;
4. When you start http://yourreportserverhost:83, select MsSqlServerStorage from the initially provided options and enter the connection string to the database configured in step 1. Verify the database is accessible by the identity of the IIS Application pool associated with the Report Server Web part.

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