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Widgets Are Unavailable or Undefined


Product Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery
Kendo Version 2017.2.621


When working with Kendo UI, an error that the widgets are unavailable or undefined occurs.


The possible cause for this issue is that jQuery is included more than once in the page and, as a result, all existing jQuery plugins (including Kendo UI) are disregarded. Such an issue will also occur if the required jQuery file is not included.

Error Message

Depending on the browser, the following JavaScript errors will be thrown:

  • (In Google Chrome) TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method kendoGrid.
  • (In Firefox) TypeError: $("#Grid").kendoGrid is not a function.
  • (In Internet Explorer 9 and later) Object does not support property or method kendoGrid.
  • (In previous Internet Explorer versions) Object does not support this property or method.

This issue affects all Kendo UI widgets with only the error message being different for each widget. For example, kendoChart is not a function or Object has no method kendoEditor.


Make sure jQuery is not included more than once in your page. Remove any duplicate script references to jQuery. Include all required Kendo JavaScript files.

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