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Update the Selected Node in TreeView


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How can I update the text of the selected node in Kendo UI for jQuery TreeView?


  1. Find the dataItem of the selected node.
  2. Use the set method to update the node.
    <label>Value: <input id="update-textbox" class="k-textbox" value="abc" /></label>
    <button id="change-text" onclick="changeText()">Change text</button>
    <div id="treeview"></div>

      var serviceRoot = "";
      homogeneous = new{
        transport: {
          read: {
            url: serviceRoot + "/Employees",
            dataType: "jsonp"
        schema: {
          model: {
            id: "EmployeeId",
            hasChildren: "HasEmployees"

        dataSource: homogeneous,
        dataTextField: "FullName"

      function changeText(){
        var tv = $("#treeview").data('kendoTreeView')
        var selected =;
        var node = tv.dataItem(selected);
        var text = $("#update-textbox").val();
        node.set("FullName", text);
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