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How To Expand Parent Node If Child Is Checked


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When the data in the TreeView is loaded I would like to expand parent node automatically only if at least one child is checked.


  1. You could subscribe to the dataBound event of the TreeView and find all checked items.
  2. Use the expand method to expand the TreeView to the checked node.
    <div id="treeview-kendo"></div>
            dataSource: [{
            id: 1, text: "My Documents", expanded: true, spriteCssClass: "rootfolder", items: [
                id: 2, text: "Kendo UI Project", spriteCssClass: "folder", items: [
                    { id: 3, text: "about.html", spriteCssClass: "html" },
                    { id: 4, text: "index.html", spriteCssClass: "html", checked:true  },
                    { id: 5, text: "logo.png", spriteCssClass: "image" }
                id: 6, text: "Reports", spriteCssClass: "folder", items: [
                    { id: 7, text: "February.pdf", spriteCssClass: "pdf" },
                    { id: 8, text: "March.pdf", spriteCssClass: "pdf" },
                    { id: 9, text: "April.pdf", spriteCssClass: "pdf",  }
            dragAndDrop: true,
            dataBound: onDataBound,
            checkboxes: {
            checkChildren: true
            loadOnDemand: false

        function onDataBound (e){
            // expands tree to the selected node
            var root = e.node ? $(e.node) : this.element;

            this.expand(root.find(".k-item input[type=checkbox]:checked").parents());
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