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Troubleshoot When Binding the TreeView to Data


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How can I troubleshoot while I bind the TreeView to data?


  1. On, access the echo service.
  2. To get the result in the corresponding format, send a parameter with the same name as the format in which you want to receive the data back. As a value, provide the actual value that you want to receive.
<div id="treeview"></div>
var data = [{"topicId":8,"topicName":"Child mortality","expanded":true,"indicators":[{"indicatorId":21,"indicatorName":"Postneonatal mortality (PNMR)"},{"indicatorId":26,"indicatorName":"Probability of dying at age 5–14 years"},{"indicatorId":25,"indicatorName":"U5MR annual rate of reduction (ARR)"},{"indicatorId":24,"indicatorName":"Under-five mortality rate (U5MR)"}]},{"topicId":5,"topicName":"Family Planning","expanded":true,"indicators":[{"indicatorId":10,"indicatorName":"Contraceptive prevalence: Any modern method (Number)"},{"indicatorId":2,"indicatorName":"Contraceptive prevalence: Any modern method (Percent)"},{"indicatorId":3,"indicatorName":"Contraceptive prevalence: Any traditional method (Percent)"},{"indicatorId":7,"indicatorName":"Demand for family planning satisfied by any method (Percent)"},{"indicatorId":8,"indicatorName":"Demand for family planning satisfied by any modern method (Percent)"}]},{"topicId":2,"topicName":"Fertility","expanded":true,"indicators":[{"indicatorId":17,"indicatorName":"Fertility rates by age of mother (5-year)"},{"indicatorId":18,"indicatorName":"Mean age of childbearing (5-year)"},{"indicatorId":19,"indicatorName":"Total fertility (5-year)"}]},{"topicId":6,"topicName":"Marital status","expanded":true,"indicators":[{"indicatorId":14,"indicatorName":"Currently married"},{"indicatorId":15,"indicatorName":"Ever married"},{"indicatorId":13,"indicatorName":"Marital status (all categories)"},{"indicatorId":16,"indicatorName":"Singulate mean age at marriage"}]}];    

    var node ={
        hasChildren: "indicators",
        id: "topicId",
        children: "indicators",

    var dataSource = new{
        transport: {
          read: {
            //mock server response, see Dojo help for details
            url: "",
            data: {
              "json" : JSON.stringify(data)
        schema: {
          model: node

        dataSource: dataSource,
        checkboxes: {
          checkChildren: true
        loadOnDemand: false,
        expandAll: true,
        dataTextField: [ "topicName", "indicatorName" ]
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