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Change Order and Start Time in TimePicker Options List


Product Progress® Kendo UI® TimePicker for jQuery
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How can I make the options on the TimePicker list start at a specific time while the TimePicker still shows the skipped ones at the end of its options list?


  1. Subscribe to the open event of the TimePicker.
  2. Traverse the items in the list while you use jQuery to reorder them.
<input id="timepicker" />

    interval: 15,
    open: function(e) {
      var list = $("#" + e.sender.element.attr('id') + "_timeview");
      if (list.attr('fixed-time-labels') != 'true') {
        var elements = list.find('li:lt(24)');
        list.attr('fixed-time-labels', 'true');

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