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Validate Spreadsheet Dates Based on Previous Column Date


Product Progress® Kendo UI® Spreadsheet for jQuery


I want to set my Spreadsheet in the following way:

  1. The date value in the current column to be always greater than or equal to the date value from the previous column.
  2. If my previous column is blank, the validation to check the column before the previous one.

How can I configure the date validation in the Spreadsheet based on a date value from a previous column?


Configure the cell validation in the following way:

    <div id="spreadsheet" style="width: 100%;"></div>

      $(function() {
          sheets: [{
            name: "ContactsForm",
            rows: [{
              height: 25,
              cells: [{
                value: 31231,
                format: 'M/d/yyyy'
                value: 31232,
                format: 'M/d/yyyy'
                value: 31233,
                format: 'M/d/yyyy',
                validation: {
                  dataType: "custom",
                  from: "AND(ISNUMBER(C1),IF(ISNUMBER(B1),C1>=B1,C1>=A1))",
                  allowNulls: true,
                  type: "reject",
                  titleTemplate: "Date validaiton error",
                  messageTemplate: "C1 date should be greater than B1 / A1 date."

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