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Show DropDownList Item Details in ToolTip


Product Progress® Kendo UI® DropDownList for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Visual Studio Version Visual Studio 2017
Preferred Language JavaScript


How can I show additional information about a list item in a Kendo UI DropDownList?


A possible way to achieve this behavior is to use a Kendo UI Tooltip that displays the details when the user hovers with the mouse over the DropDownList item.

The following example demonstrates how to customize the information displayed in the Tooltip depending on the respective data item fields.

<input id="dropdownlist" style="width:300px" />
  var ddl = $("#dropdownlist").kendoDropDownList({
    dataSource: {
      transport: {
        read: {
          url: '',
          dataType: 'json'
    dataTextField: "username",
    dataValueField: "id"

    filter: 'li.k-list-item',
    position: 'right',
    content: function(e){
      var item = ddl.dataItem($(;

      var result = '<h3>' + + '</h3>' +
                    '<h4>' + + '</h4>' +
          'Address: <hr />' +
          '<p>Street: ' + item.address.street + '</p>' +
          '<p>Suite: ' + item.address.suite + '</p>' +
          '<p>ZIP Code: ' + item.address.zipcode + '</p>';

      return result;
    width: 220,
    height: 280

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