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Add a Control to the Toolbar of the Scheduler


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I want to add a DropDownList to the toolbar of the Scheduler, but unlike the Grid, it does not feature a toolbar.template API property.

How can I add a specific control to the Scheduler toolbar?


To implement the scenario, use jQuery.

<div id="scheduler"></div>

  var scheduler = $("#scheduler").kendoScheduler({
    date: new Date("2017/6/6"),
    dataSource: [
        id: 1,
        start: new Date("2017/6/6 08:00 AM"),
        end: new Date("2017/6/6 09:00 AM"),
        title: "Interview"

  var dropDown = $("<input id='products'/>");

    dataTextField: "ProductName",
    dataValueField: "ProductID",
    dataSource: {
      transport: {
        read: {
          dataType: "jsonp",
          url: "",

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