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MultiSelect Performs Repetitive Requests while Filtering


Product Progress® Kendo UI® MultiSelect for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit


The MultiSelect performs repetitive requests while filtering in ASP.NET.


Repetitive requests that are performed by the Kendo UI MultiSelect component are caused by the response from the ASP.NET Web API Order controller.


The total configuration has to respond to the total number of records that are found after filtering, that is, dataResult.Count. Otherwise, the widget continues to request the remainder of the total.

The following example demonstrates how to change the service accordingly.

   public object Get(int? take = null, int? skip = null, string q = null)
        List<OrderModel> dataResult = string.IsNullOrEmpty(q) ? Orders.Skip(skip ?? 0).Take(take ?? int.MaxValue).ToList() : Orders.Where(m => m.Name.Contains(q)).ToList();
        return new
            total = dataResult.Count,
            data = dataResult

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