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Insert, Add, and Delete MulticolumnComboBox Records


Product Progress® Telerik® UI MultiColumnComboBox for ASP.NET MVC


How can I insert, update, and remove records in the MulticolumnComboBox?


By design, the MulticolumnComboBox is a view-only widget which represents a drop-down list that shows more data than the regular ComboBox, and does not provide full CRUD operation support.

To work around this issue:

  1. Use the templates of the MulticolumnComboBox to add the buttons for the CRUD operations.
  2. Handle the events of the buttons to fire the necessary requests for those operations. For example, you can load partial views for the Create and Edit operations in a Kendo UI Window, and do a POST request to the controller to delete a record.

For a runnable example, refer to the sample project on CRUD operations with MultiColumnComboBox.

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