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Modify the Editor Templates of the Scheduler upon New Events


Product Progress Kendo UI Scheduler for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Visual Studio version Visual Studio 2017
Preferred Language JavaScript


How can I show or hide different parts of the editor template based on the event state?


The following example demonstrates how to achieve the desired scenario. As a result, if the event is not new, the template hides the Title field and displays a message.

<div id="example">
      <div id="scheduler"></div>
    <script id="customEditorTemplate" type="text/x-kendo-template">
<!-- notice how the Title is hidden if the event is new -->
<div data-bind="visible: isNew">
  <div class="k-edit-label"><label for="title">Title</label></div>
  <div data-container-for="title" class="k-edit-field">
      <input type="text" data-role="textbox" name="title" required="required" data-bind="value:title">
<div data-bind="invisible: isNew">
    <h4>The 'Title' field is hidden, because event is not new</h4>
<div class="k-edit-label">
    <label for="start">Start</label>
<div data-container-for="start" class="k-edit-field">
    <input type="text"
    <input type="text" data-type="date" data-role="datepicker" data-bind="value:start,visible:isAllDay" name="start" />
    <span data-bind="text: startTimezone"></span>
    <span data-for="start" class="k-invalid-msg" style="display: none;"></span>
<div class="k-edit-label"><label for="end">End</label></div>
<div data-container-for="end" class="k-edit-field">
    <input type="text" data-type="date" data-role="datetimepicker" data-bind="value:end,invisible:isAllDay" name="end" data-datecompare-msg="End date should be greater than or equal to the start date" />
    <input type="text" data-type="date" data-role="datepicker" data-bind="value:end,visible:isAllDay" name="end" data-datecompare-msg="End date should be greater than or equal to the start date" />
    <span data-bind="text: endTimezone"></span>
    <span data-bind="text: startTimezone, invisible: endTimezone"></span>
    <span data-for="end" class="k-invalid-msg" style="display: none;"></span>
<div class="k-edit-label"><label for="isAllDay">All day event</label></div>
<div data-container-for="isAllDay" class="k-edit-field">
    <input type="checkbox" name="isAllDay" data-type="boolean" data-bind="checked:isAllDay">
<div class="k-edit-label"><label for="recurrenceRule">Repeat</label></div>
<div data-container-for="recurrenceRule" class="k-edit-field">
    <div data-bind="value:recurrenceRule" name="recurrenceRule" data-role="recurrenceeditor"></div>
<div class="k-edit-label"><label for="description">Description</label></div>
<div data-container-for="description" class="k-edit-field">
    <textarea name="description" data-role="textarea" data-bind="value:description"></textarea>
<div class="k-edit-label"><label for="ownerId">Owner</label></div>
<div data-container-for="ownerId" class="k-edit-field">
    <select id="ownerId" data-bind="value:ownerId" data-role="dropdownlist"
                    data-value-field="value" data-text-field="text">
      <option value="1">Alex</option>
      <option value="2">Bob</option>
      <option value="3">Charlie</option>
      $(function() {
          date: new Date("2013/6/13"),
          startTime: new Date("2013/6/13 07:00 AM"),
          height: 600,
          views: [
            { type: "workWeek", selected: true },
          editable: {
            template: $("#customEditorTemplate").html(),
          eventTemplate: $("#event-template").html(),
          timezone: "Etc/UTC",
          dataSource: {
            batch: true,
            transport: {
              read: {
                url: "",
                dataType: "jsonp"
              update: {
                url: "",
                dataType: "jsonp"
              create: {
                url: "",
                dataType: "jsonp"
              destroy: {
                url: "",
                dataType: "jsonp"
              parameterMap: function(options, operation) {
                if (operation !== "read" && options.models) {
                  return {models: kendo.stringify(options.models)};
            schema: {
              model: {
                id: "taskId",
                fields: {
                  taskId: { from: "TaskID", type: "number" },
                  title: { from: "Title", defaultValue: "No title", validation: { required: true } },
                  start: { type: "date", from: "Start" },
                  end: { type: "date", from: "End" },
                  startTimezone: { from: "StartTimezone" },
                  endTimezone: { from: "EndTimezone" },
                  description: { from: "Description" },
                  recurrenceId: { from: "RecurrenceID" },
                  recurrenceRule: { from: "RecurrenceRule" },
                  recurrenceException: { from: "RecurrenceException" },
                  ownerId: { from: "OwnerID", defaultValue: 1 },
                  isAllDay: { type: "boolean", from: "IsAllDay" }
          resources: [
              field: "ownerId",
              title: "Owner",
              dataSource: [
                { text: "Alex", value: 1, color: "#f8a398" },
                { text: "Bob", value: 2, color: "#51a0ed" },
                { text: "Charlie", value: 3, color: "#56ca85" }

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