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The Kendo menu provides built-in support for raster images and sprites in its items, but you may want to add font icons as well.

How to add font icons in a Kendo Menu item?


The easiest solution is to add your own HTML inside the menu items that supports font icons, for example, the Kendo Font Icons.

Below follow examples for the MVC HTML helpers and for a plain jQuery widget.

For MVC - set .Encode(false) for the item so its HTML is parsed, and escape quotation marks:

  .Items(items =>
              .Text("Products - Expand me")
              .Items(children =>

                  children.Add().Encoded(false).Text("<span class=\"k-icon k-i-clock\"></span>I have a Font Icon");




With a plain jQuery widget, you only need to add the HTML to the markup you instantiate the widget from

<ul id="menu">
        Products - Expand me

          <!-- if you instantiate the menu from HTML, you can put your own
                content in it, and there you can easily use font icons
                as described in the following article:
            <li><span class="k-icon k-i-clock"></span>I have a font icon</li>

  <li>Some item</li>

$(document).ready(function() {
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