Start at a Specific Place on Seekbar


Product MediaPlayer for ProgressĀ® Kendo UIĀ®
Product Version 2019.1.115


How can I programmatically start my video at a specific place the first time it is played?


In order to have a different start time when a video loads in a Kendo UI MediaPlayer, use the seek method the first time the play event is fired. Utilize the Kendo Observable's one method to attach a handler for one-time execution.

    <div id="mediaplayer" style="height:360px"></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">
          autoPlay: true,
          navigatable: true,
          media: {
            title: "ProgressNEXT 2018 Highlights",
            source: ""

        var mediaPlayer = $("#mediaplayer").data("kendoMediaPlayer");"play", function(){


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