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MaskedTextBox Does Not Allow Input


Product Progress® Kendo UI® MaskedTextBox for jQuery
Kendo Version From 2017.2.504



How can I enter a chunk of text if the maxlength attribute on the input element of the MaskedTextBox is set to the same length as the mask? This approach worked in version 2017.1.223 and earlier.


Remove the minlength attribute.

As of the Kendo UI R2 2017 release, the mask restricts the length of the input value. The implementation of the MaskedTextBox is now able to work with the input event instead of keypress.

This updates that are implemented with the release improve customer experience because users can:

  • Use the widget on all browsers, including mobile windows and Android.
  • Write special characters, which otherwise required several keypresses.
  • Paste content.  
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