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Reload PivotGrid Configuration Options


Product Progress® Kendo UI® PivotGrid for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Browser Google Chrome
Browser Version 61.0.3163.100


How can I reload the configuration options of the Kendo UI PivotGrid widget?


The following example demonstrates how to reload the configuration options of the Kendo UI PivotGrid widget on a button click event. To set the options, the demo uses the PivotDataSource API.

<div id="example">
    <button id="reload">Reload PivotDataSource configuration</button>
    <div id="pivotgrid"></div>

    <div class="responsive-message"></div>

        $(document).ready(function () {
            var options = {
              columns: [{"name":["[Date].[Calendar]"],"expand":true},{"name":["[Product].[Category]"]}],
              rows: [{"name":["[Geography].[City]"]}],
              measures: [{"name":"[Measures].[Reseller Freight Cost]"}],
              filter: {
                  "value":"[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2006],[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2008]"

            var dataSourceConfig = {
              type: "xmla",
              transport: {
                connection: {
                  catalog: "Adventure Works DW 2008R2",
                  cube: "Adventure Works"
                read: ""
              schema: {
                type: "xmla"
              error: function (e) {
                alert("error: " + kendo.stringify(e.errors[0]));

            var pivotgrid = $("#pivotgrid").kendoPivotGrid({
                filterable: true,
                sortable: true,
                columnWidth: 200,
                height: 580,
                dataSource: dataSourceConfig

            $("#reload").click(function() {
              var newOptions = $.extend({}, dataSourceConfig, options);
              var newSource = new;


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