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Cannot Find kendo.all.min.js in the Kendo UI NPM Packages


Product Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Browser Google Chrome
Browser Version 58



I want to use Kendo UI Professional with an NPM package—and not manually as I currently do. I did the NPM installation by using the npm login --registry= --scope=@progress and npm install --save @progress/kendo-ui commands. All folders and files that need to be in the @progress folder are present, including the node_modules folder. However, while the kendo.all.js file is available, the kendo.all.min.js file is missing.

  1. Why is the kendo.all.min.js file missing from the folder?
  2. How can I integrate the kendo.all.js file with Webpack 2 as I cannot have the minified version?


It is expected that the kendo.all.min.js file is missing from the NPM package because kendo.all.min.js is specifically designed to work with module loaders such as Webpack. A minified version is not available because of the special approach when users work with module loaders. For example, kendo.all.js (module loaders) from the distribution is only 3KB as compared to over 1 MB for the regular version.


For more details, refer to the article on third-parties frameworks and utilities.

For more information on Webpack integration, refer to this GitHub demo. Even though the example uses Webpack version 1, you can use a similar approach in Webpack version 2.

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