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Exclude Hidden Columns from Column Menu List in Grid


Product Grid for Progress® Kendo UI®
Product Version 2018.2.516


A Grid allows the user to hide or show columns through its column menu but how can I hide a specific column and avoid showing it in the column menu list?


Use the columnMenuInit event of the Grid and remove the desired element or elements by using jQuery.


The following example demonstrates the full implementation of the suggested approach.

<div id="grid"></div>
  $(document).ready(function() {
      dataSource: {
        type: "odata",
        transport: {
          read: ""
        schema: {
          model: {
            fields: {
              OrderID: { type: "number" },
              ShipCountry: { type: "string" },
              ShipName: { type: "string" },
              ShipAddress: { type: "string" }                                        
        pageSize: 30,
        serverPaging: true,
        serverFiltering: true,
        serverSorting: true
      height: 550,
      sortable: true,
      filterable: true,
      columnMenu: true,
      pageable: true,
      columns: [ {
        field: "OrderID",
        title: "Order ID",
        width: 120
      }, {
        field: "ShipCountry",
        title: "Ship Country"
      }, {
        field: "ShipName",
        title: "Ship Name"
      },  {
        field: "ShipAddress",
        filterable: false

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