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Prevent Specific Columns from Reordering in the Gantt Treelist


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How can I prevent a specific Gantt column from reordering?


To achieve the desired scenario, use the reorderColumn of the integrated TreeList to move the column back.

    <div id="gantt"></div>
      var nonReordableColumn;

      var gantt = $("#gantt").kendoGantt({
        columns: ["title", "start", "end"],
        dataSource: [{
          id: 1,
          orderId: 0,
          parentId: null,
          title: "Task1",
          start: new Date("2014/6/17 9:00"),
          end: new Date("2014/6/17 11:00")

        dataBound: function(e){
          nonReordableColumn = e.sender.list.columns[0];
        reorderable: true,
        columnReorder: function(e) {
          if(e.column.title === nonReordableColumn.title){
              var ganttList = $(".k-treelist").data("kendoGanttList");
              ganttList.reorderColumn(0, nonReordableColumn)


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