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MVC Gantt Initialized in Container Does Not Render Properly


Product Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Gantt


My Gantt chart is placed in PanelBar item content that is not initially visible. When activating this item, the Gantt does not render properly.


The reason for this issue is that the Gantt was initialized in a hidden (display: none;) container.

  1. Use the deferred initialization of the Gantt.

    @(Html.Kendo().Gantt<InPanelBar.Models.TaskViewModel, InPanelBar.Models.DependencyViewModel>()
  2. Initialize the widget on the first activate event of the PanelBarItem that contains it.

    function onActivate(e) {
        var item = e.item;
        var title = $(item).find('a.k-header').text();
        var gantt = $('#Gantt').getKendoGantt();
        if (title === "Add Contenuti" && !gantt) {
            @Html.Kendo().DeferredScriptsFor("Gantt", false);

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