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Add Custom Reset Button to Form


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How can I add a custom button to reset the inital data loaded in the From?


Configure a buttonsTemplate and add the html for the reset button. On click of the custom reset button, get a reference to the Form. Use the setOptions method to set the formData of the Form to the initial data.

    <form id="myForm"></form>

      function custom(){     
        var form = $("#myForm").data('kendoForm');
        var initial = form.options.formData;
          formData: {
            ID: initial.ID,
            Name: initial.Name,
            Address: initial.Address

          formData: {
            ID: 1,
            Name: "Ivan",
            Address: "Sofia"
          buttonsTemplate:'<div class="k-form-buttons">'+
          '<button class="k-button k-primary k-form-submit" type="submit">Submit</button>'+
          '<button class="k-button k-form-clear" type="button">Clear</button>'+
          '<button id="btn" onclick="custom()" class="k-button" type="button">Custom Reset button</button>'+
          submit: function(e) {

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