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Create a Table with Borders in the Editor


Product Progress® Kendo UI® Editor for jQuery
Product Version Created with the 2019.1.220 version


How can I create a table with borders in the Editor?


The Table Wizard allows you to set a table border size, color, and style. To apply borders to the table that was created with the Create a table tool, handle the execute event and add the styles to the respective elements.

    <div id="example">
        <textarea id="editor">
            $(document).ready(function() {
                    execute: function(e) {
                        var editor = this;
                        if ( == "createtable") {
                            setTimeout(function() {
                                var table = $(editor.body).find("table:not(.custom-table)");
                                table.attr("style", "border: 1px solid black;");
                                table.find("tr td")
                                    .each(function () {
                                    var currentStyle = $(this).attr("style");
                                    $(this).attr("style", currentStyle + " border: 1px solid black;");
                            }, 0);   

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