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Send DateTime instead of String to Controller through POST Request


Product Progress® Telerik® UI DatePicker for ASP.NET MVC
Product Version 2018.2.620


In my DatePicker project, I am using a POST request to send the value of the widget to the controller but the widget is sending a string. How can I receive a DateTime value instead of a string value and what is the best approach to implement this functionality?


In order for the parameter to be received in the controller as a DateTime value instead of a string value, use the Date.toUTCString JavaScript method when you configure the POST request.

$.post('/MyController/MyMethod', {
  start: start.toUTCString(),
  end: end.toUTCString() },
  function (result) {

The method in the controller looks similar to the what the following example demonstrates.

public ActionResult MyMethod(DateTime start, DateTime end){

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