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Enter Date by Setting Only the Day


Product Progress Kendo UI DatePicker
Progress Kendo UI version Created with version 2018.1.226



How can I enter only the day part of the date and let the rest of the DatePicker use the current month and year as default?


The following example demonstrates how to achieve the desired functionality.

<input id="datepicker" />
    $(document).ready(function () {
        // Create DatePicker from an input HTML element.

        $("#datepicker").on("blur", function (e) {
            var rawValue = $(this).val();
            var parsedValue = parseInt(rawValue);

            if (!parsedValue) {
                alert("value is not a valid day");

            var selectedDate = $(this).getKendoDatePicker().value();

            if (!selectedDate && rawValue.length <= 2 && parsedValue <= 31) {
                var picker = $(this).getKendoDatePicker();
                var date = new Date();




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