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Increase the Stroke Size in the Chart Legend


Product Kendo UI® Progress Kendo UI Chart
Progress Kendo UI version Created with the 2017.3.1026 version


How can I change the size of the stroke next to the legend text in the Kendo UI Chart?


  1. Handle the render event of the Chart.
  2. In the render event handler, select the desired path with jQuery.
  3. Change the stroke-width attribute of the path.
<div id="chart"></div>
        legend: {
            labels: {
                font: "60px sans-serif"
        series: [{
                name: "Series 1",
                data: [1, 2, 3]
                name: "Series 2",
                data: [3, 4, 5]
        render: function(e) {
            var el = e.sender.element;
            el.find("text:contains(Series 1)")
                .attr("stroke-width", 5);

            el.find("text:contains(Series 2)")
                .attr("stroke-width", 5);
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