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Chart Stops Responding on Mobile Devices after Multiple Pan and Zoom Gestures


Product Progress® Kendo UI® Chart for jQuery
Operating System iOS, Android


After continuously panning and zooming a Chart, which uses the default SVG rendering on mobile devices, it stops responding to pan and zoom gestures.


The Chart re-renders its SVG elements when the pan and zoom actions are executed which breaks the touch event sequence.

Suggested Workarounds

Kendo UI does not provide a built-in solution for avoiding this behavior. However, you can still work around the issue by using canvas rendering which does not re-render the Chart element on refreshing the page.

    <div id="chart"></div>
      // Generate sample data
      var data = [];
      var step = Math.PI / 4;
      for (var x = -50; x < 50; x += step) {
        data.push({ x: x, y: Math.sin(x) });

      function createChart() {
          renderAs: "canvas",
          dataSource: {
            data: data
          xAxis: {
            min: -2,
            max: 2,
            labels: {
              format: "{0:n1}"
          yAxis: {
            labels: {
              format: "{0:n2}"
          series: [{
            type: "scatterLine",
            xField: "x",
            yField: "y",
            style: "smooth",
            markers: {
              visible: false
          pannable: true,
          zoomable: true

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