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Add Footer to the Month and Agenda Views of the Scheduler


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How can I add a footer in the month and agenda views of the Scheduler?

Suggested Workarounds

The Kendo UI Scheduler does not provide a built-in solution for achieving this behavior. However, you can still work around the issue.

Add a footer by using jQuery in the dataBound event handler of the Scheduler. The following example demonstrates how to apply this approach.

<div id="scheduler"></div>
    date: new Date("2013/6/6"),
    views: ["day", "month", "agenda"],
    allDaySlot: false,
    dataSource: [
            id: 1,
            start: new Date("2013/6/6 08:00 AM"),
            end: new Date("2013/6/6 09:00 AM"),
            title: "Interview"
    dataBound: function(e) {
        if(e.sender.view().name == "agenda" || e.sender.view().name == "month") {
            $(".k-scheduler").append('<div class="k-scheduler-footer custom-footer"><input type="button" class="k-button" value="MyButton" /></div>');

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