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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the Stepper is always available.

The Stepper widget itself is not focusable, as the links within the widget are part of the tab sequence on the page. Thus, when navigating with the Tab key, the selected Step will be focused within the Stepper widget. For a complete example, refer to the demo on keyboard navigation of the Stepper.

Kendo UI Stepper supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Left arrow or Up arrow or Shift+Tab Focuses previous Step
Right arrow or Down arrow or Tab Focuses next Step
Home Focuses first Step
End Focuses last Step
Enter Selects the focused Step
Space Selects the focused Step
Tab To move the focus away from the Stepper select last step and press Tab
Shift+Tab To move the focus away from the Stepper select first step and press Shift+Tab

When using keyboard navigation the focusing and selecting behavior of the Stepper can be configured via the selectOnFocus configuration option. By default this option is disabled and additional action is required by the user to select the focused step.

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