Multiple Views

The Kendo UI MultiViewCalendar allows you to define the number of views and months that are displayed at a time.

In some scenarios it might be necessary to display more than two months. This is helpful especially in case of range selection among a couple of months.

    <input id="numberOfViews" />
    <button id="numberOfViewsBtn">Apply Changes</button>
    <div id="multiViewCalendar"></div>
    $(document).ready(function () {
            restrictDecimals: true,
            decimals: 0,
            min: 2,
            max: 10,
            value: 2,
            format: "{0:n0}"

            click: click


    function click() {
        var numberOfViews = $("#numberOfViews").data().kendoNumericTextBox.value();
        if (numberOfViews > 0) {
            $("#multiViewCalendar").data().kendoMultiViewCalendar.setOptions({ views: numberOfViews });

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