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Starting with the R2 2023 release, Kendo UI will no longer ship Hybrid UI components. This means that the R2 2023 will be the last release to include Kendo Hybrid in the Kendo UI package. See full announcement in Kendo jQuery blog post. The last stable version that we recommend to use for Kendo Hybrid components is R3 2022 SP1.

What's New in Kendo UI R2 2023

This article provides solutions for issues you might encounter while working with the Hybrid ScrollView by Kendo UI.

A data-bound ScrollView does not display any data

Below are listed some of the possible reasons and solutions for that:

  • Cause The pageSize of the DataSource is undefined.

    Solution Set the pageSize. Setting the pageSize is mandatory.

  • Cause The total amount of records in the DataSource is undefined.

    Solution Set the total. Setting the total is mandatory.

  • Cause The widget's template is undefined.

    Solution Set the template. Setting the template is mandatory.

  • Cause The widget's content height is zero.

    Solution If the contentHeight is set to 100%, the ScrollView element should be the immediate child of the View and the View's stretch option should be set to true. For a code sample, refer to this demo.

The ScrollView loads data but the application hangs or crashes

The possible reason is that the total amount of records that you are loading is large.

Solution Set the enablePager to false.

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