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An array of filter criteria for custom filters.



Configuration Attributes

operator java.lang.String

The operator type of the criterion.The supported types vary based on the inferred column data type (inferred): Textcontains - The text contains the value.doesnotcontain - The text does not contain the value.startswith - The text starts with the value.endswith - The text ends with the value.; Dateeq - The date is the same as the value.neq - The date is not the same as the - The date is before the - The date is after the value. or Numbereq - Is equal to the value.neq - Is not equal to the value.gte - Is greater than or equal to the - Is greater than the value.lte - Is less than or equal to the - Is less than the value..


<kendo:spreadsheet-sheet-filter-column-criteriaItem operator="operator">

value java.lang.String

The value for the criteria operator.


<kendo:spreadsheet-sheet-filter-column-criteriaItem value="value">
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