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Specifies the configuration of the jQuery.ajax to make an HTTP request to the remote service.



Configuration Attributes

dataType java.lang.String

The type of result expected from the server. Used values are "json" and "jsonp". The PDFViewer expects a json to render the geometries.


<kendo:pdfViewer-dplProcessing-read dataType="dataType">

pageField java.lang.String

Specifies the page field parameter submitted to the read url. It is used in scenario with loadOnDemand when requests are sent for each page.


<kendo:pdfViewer-dplProcessing-read pageField="pageField">

type java.lang.String

Specifies the type of the request.


<kendo:pdfViewer-dplProcessing-read type="type">

url java.lang.String

Specifies the url to which the request is sent.


<kendo:pdfViewer-dplProcessing-read url="url">
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