Fired when the validateForms configuration option is set to true (default), and the validation of the Kendo UI Form on the current Wizard step fails when the user tries to navigate to another step.

Event Data

e.sender kendo.ui.Wizard

The Wizard instance that triggered the event.

e.form kendo.ui.Form

The Kendo UI Form widgets which validation fails.

e.step kendo.wizard.Step

The Step where is placed the Form with failed validation.


<div id="wizard"></div>

        validateForms: true,
        steps: [{
            title: "first",
            form: {
                formData: {
                    name: null
                items: [{
                    field: "name",
                    validation: {
                        required: true
            title: "second"
        formValidateFailed: function(e) {
            console.log("Validation failed for step " + e.step.options.title);
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