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Returns the rendered HTML element for a given model.

This method is available with versions released after the official Q3 release - 2015.3.930.


model kendo.data.TreeListModel |Object

A model from the DataSource, or the id of a model in the DataSource.


jQuery the row that corresponds to the model

Example - get row from model

<button id="itemFor">Highlight the row with Jane</button>
<div id="treeList"></div>
    columns: [
      { field: "id" },
      { field: "name" },
      { field: "age" }
    dataSource: [
      { id: 1, parentId: null, name: "Jane Doe", age: 22, expanded: true },
      { id: 2, parentId: 1, name: "John Doe", age: 24 },
      { id: 3, parentId: 1, name: "Jenny Doe", age: 3 }
    selectable: true
    var treeList = $("#treeList").data("kendoTreeList");
    var jane = treeList.dataSource.get(1);
    var row = treeList.itemFor(jane);

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