filterable.operators.string Object

The texts of the filter operators that are displayed for columns whcih are bound to string fields.

Omitting an operator will exclude it from the DropDownList with the available operators.

In the following example, only the Contains... and Starts with... operators will be displayed in the DropDownList.

Example - setting the string operators

<div id="treeList"></div>

    columns: [
    filterable: {
      extra: false,
      operators: {
        string: {
            contains: "Contains...",
          startswith: "Starts with..."
    dataSource: {
      data: [
        { id: 1, parentId: null, lastName: "Jackson", position: "CEO" },
        { id: 2, parentId: 1, lastName: "Weber", position: "  VP, Engineering" }

filterable.operators.string.eq String (default: "Is equal to")

The text of the eq (equal to) filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.neq String (default: "Is not equal to")

The text of the ne (not equal to) filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.isnull String (default: "Is null")

The text of the isnull filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.isnotnull String (default: "Is not null")

The text of the isnotnull filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.isempty String (default: "Is empty")

The text of the isempty filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.isnotempty String (default: "Is not empty")

The text of the isnotempty filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.startswith String (default: "Starts with")

The text of the startswith filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.contains String (default: "Contains")

The text of the contains filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.doesnotcontain String (default: "Does not contain")

The text of the doesnotcontain filter operator.

filterable.operators.string.endswith String (default: "Ends with")

The text of the endswith filter operator.

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