Fired when the user moves a card.


<div id="taskBoard"></div>

    dataOrderField: "order",
    dataSource: [
      { id: 1, order: 1, title: "Task 1", description: "Description 1", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 2, order: 2, title: "Task 11", description: "Description 11", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 3, order: 3, title: "Task 2", description: "Description 2", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 4, order: 4, title: "Task 22", description: "Description 22", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 5, order: 5, title: "Task 3", description: "Description 3", status: "done", category: "blue" }
    columns: [
      { text: "Backlog", status: "backlog" },
      { text: "Doing", status: "doing" },
      { text: "Done", status: "done" }
    move: function (ev) {
      console.log(ev.card.get("title") + " will move to " + ev.column.get("text"));

Event Data

e.sender kendo.ui.TaskBoard

The widget instance which fired the event.


The card data item being moved.

e.cardElement jQuery

The card element being moved wrapped in a jQuery object.


The column data item from where the card is moved.

e.columnElement jQuery

The column element (wrapped in a jQuery object) from where the card is moved.

e.item jQuery

The element that is dragged. jQuery

The target element under cursor against which placeholder is positioned.

e.list kendo.ui.Sortable

The Sortable widget instance which the item belongs to (useful in case there are connected Sortable widgets).

e.draggableEvent Object

The original draggable's drag event data.

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