Fired before the TaskBoard binds to its data source.


<div id="taskBoard"></div>

    dataOrderField: "order",
    dataSource: [
      { id: 1, order: 1, title: "Task 1", description: "Description 1", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 2, order: 2, title: "Task 11", description: "Description 11", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 3, order: 3, title: "Task 2", description: "Description 2", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 4, order: 4, title: "Task 22", description: "Description 22", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 5, order: 5, title: "Task 3", description: "Description 3", status: "done", category: "blue" }
    columns: [
      { text: "Backlog", status: "backlog" },
      { text: "Doing", status: "doing" },
      { text: "Done", status: "done" }
    dataBinding: function () {
      alert("dataBinding fired!")

Event Data

e.sender kendo.ui.TaskBoard

The widget instance which fired the event.

e.preventDefault Function

If invoked prevents the data bind action. The widget will not bind its data and the dataBound event will not fire.

e.action String

The action that caused the dataBinding event. Possible values: rebind, sync, add, remove.

e.index Number

Available if the action is add or remove. Shows the index of the added/removed element.

e.items Array

The array of items that shows the elements that are going to be added/removed from the widget dataSource.

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