Fired when the user changed the card order or status by dragging.


<div id="taskBoard"></div>

    dataOrderField: "order",
    dataSource: [
      { id: 1, order: 1, title: "Task 1", description: "Description 1", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 2, order: 2, title: "Task 11", description: "Description 11", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
      { id: 3, order: 3, title: "Task 2", description: "Description 2", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 4, order: 4, title: "Task 22", description: "Description 22", status: "doing", category: "green" },
      { id: 5, order: 5, title: "Task 3", description: "Description 3", status: "done", category: "blue" }
    columns: [
      { text: "Backlog", status: "backlog" },
      { text: "Doing", status: "doing" },
      { text: "Done", status: "done" }
    change: function (ev) {
      if(ev.action === "receive") {
        console.log(ev.card.get("title") + " changed to " + ev.column.get("text"));

Event Data

e.sender kendo.ui.TaskBoard

The widget instance which fired the event.


The card data item being moved.

e.cardElement jQuery

The card element being moved wrapped in a jQuery object.


The column data item from where the card is moved.

e.columnElement jQuery

The column element (wrapped in a jQuery object) from where the card is moved.

e.action String

Possible values are: "sort" - indicates that item's position was changed inside the same Sortable container; "remove" - indicates that the item was removed from current Sortable widget; "receive" - indicates that the item was received by a connected Sortable widget instance;

e.item jQuery

The element that is dragged.

e.oldIndex Number

The original position where the item was located at. In case the item is received from connected Sortable the value will be -1

e.newIndex Number

The position where item is placed. In case the item is removed from connected Sortable the value will be -1

e.draggableEvent Object

The original draggable's drag event data.

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