Inserts a newly-created tab before a specified tab.


<div id="tabstrip">

    var tabStrip = $("#tabstrip").kendoTabStrip().data("kendoTabStrip");
            text: "Item 1",
            url: ""               // Link URL if navigation is needed, optional.
            text: "<b>Item 2</b>",
            encoded: false,                             // Allows use of HTML for item text
            content: "text"                             // Content for the content element
            text: "Item 3",
            contentUrl: ""
            text: "Item 4",
            imageUrl: "",
            text: "Item 5",
            spriteCssClass: "imageClass3"               // Item image sprite CSS class, optional.


item Array|Object|String|Element|jQuery

Target tab(s), specified as a JSON object or array of objects. You can pass tab text, content or contentUrl here. Accepts also existing tab(s) specified as a string selector or jQuery object or DOM elements.

referenceTab String|Element|jQuery

A reference tab to insert the new item before


kendo.ui.TabStrip Returns the TabStrip object to support chaining.

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