Triggered when content is fetched from an AJAX request.

Event Data

e.item Element

The selected item

e.contentElement Element

The loaded content element that is retrieved via AJAX.

Attach contentLoad event handler during initialization; detach via unbind()

<div id="tabstrip"></div>

    // event handler for select
    var onContentLoad = function(e) {
        // access the selected item via e.item (Element)

        // detach contentLoad event handler via unbind()
        tabStrip.unbind("contentLoad", onError);

    // attach select event handler during initialization
    var tabStrip = $("#tabstrip").kendoTabStrip({
        dataTextField: "Name",
        dataContentUrlField: "ContentUrl",
        dataSource: [
          { Name: "Tab1", ContentUrl: "" },
          { Name: "Tab2", ContentUrl: "" }
        contentLoad: onContentLoad
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