sheets.filter Object

Defines the filtering criteria for this sheet, if any.

sheets.filter.columns Array

An array which defines the filter configuration of individual columns.

sheets.filter.columns.criteria Array

An array of filter criteria for custom filters.

sheets.filter.columns.criteria.operator String

The operator type of the criterion.

The supported types vary based on the inferred column data type (inferred):

  • Text
    • contains - The text contains the value.
    • doesnotcontain - The text does not contain the value.
    • startswith - The text starts with the value.
    • endswith - The text ends with the value.
  • Date
    • eq - The date is the same as the value.
    • neq - The date is not the same as the value.
    • lt - The date is before the value.
    • gt - The date is after the value.
  • Number
    • eq - Is equal to the value.
    • neq - Is not equal to the value.
    • gte - Is greater than or equal to the value.
    • gt - Is greater than the value.
    • lte - Is less than or equal to the value.
    • lt - Is less than the value.

sheets.filter.columns.criteria.value String

The value for the criteria operator.

sheets.filter.columns.filter String

The filter that will apply to this column.

The supported filters are:

  • value - Filters based on unique values.
  • custom - Applies custom filtering criteria.
  • top - Filters the top or bottom records.
  • dynamic - Filters based on dynamic criteria.

sheets.filter.columns.index Number

The index of the column relative to the filter range.

sheets.filter.columns.logic String

The logical operator that will apply to filter criteria.

The supported values are:

  • and
  • or

sheets.filter.columns.type String

The filter sub-type, if any.

The applicable types according to the main filter are:

  • top
  • topNumber
  • topPercent
  • bottomNumber
  • aboveAverage
  • belowAverage
  • tomorrow
  • today
  • yesterday
  • nextWeek
  • thisWeek
  • lastWeek
  • nextMonth
  • thisMonth
  • lastMonth
  • nextQuarter
  • thisQuarter
  • lastQuarter
  • nextYear
  • thisYear
  • lastYear
  • yearToDate

sheets.filter.columns.value Number|String|Date

The filter value for filters that require a single value, for example, top.

sheets.filter.columns.values Array

The filter values for filters that support multiple values.

sheets.filter.ref String

The active range for the filter, for example, B1:D8.

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