Fires when the user changes the order of a column. The event handler function context (available through the this keyword) will be set to the widget instance.

Event Data

e.column Object

A JavaScript object which represents the column configuration.

e.newIndex Number

The new column index.

e.oldIndex Number

The previous column index.

e.sender kendo.ui.Gantt

The widget instance which fired the event.


<div id="gantt"></div>
    columns: ["title", "start", "end"],
    dataSource: [{
      id: 1,
      orderId: 0,
      parentId: null,
      title: "Task1",
      start: new Date("2014/6/17 9:00"),
      end: new Date("2014/6/17 11:00")
    reorderable: true,
    columnReorder: function(e) {
/* The result can be observed in the DevTools(F12) console of the browser. */
      console.log(e.column.field, e.newIndex, e.oldIndex);
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