columns Array

The configuration of the Gantt columns. An array of JavaScript objects or strings. A JavaScript objects are interpreted as column configurations. Strings are interpreted as the field to which the column is bound. The Gantt will create a column for every item of the array.

If this setting is not specified the Gantt will create a single column for the task title.

Example - two columns bound to the "title" and "start" fields

<div id="gantt"></div>
  dataSource: [
      id: 1,
      orderId: 0,
      parentId: null,
      title: "Task1",
      start: new Date("2014/6/17 9:00"),
      end: new Date("2014/6/17 11:00")
      id: 2,
      orderId: 1,
      parentId: null,
      title: "Task2",
      start: new Date("2014/6/17 12:00"),
      end: new Date("2014/6/17 14:00")
  dependencies: [
      predecessorId: 1,
      successorId: 2,
      type: 1
  columns: ["title" , "start"]
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