Initiates the PDF export and returns a promise. Also triggers the pdfExport event.

Calling this method may trip the built-in browser pop-up blocker. To avoid that, call this method as a response to an end-user action, e.g. a button click.

ReturnsPromise A promise that will be resolved when the export completes. The same promise is available in the pdfExport event arguments.

Example - manually initiate PDF export

<button id="export">Export to PDF</button>
<textarea id="editor" rows="10" cols="30" style="height:440px">
        Kendo UI Editor allows your users to edit HTML in a familiar, user-friendly way.&lt;br /&gt;
        In this version, the Editor provides the core HTML editing engine, which includes basic text formatting, hyperlinks, lists,
        and image handling. The widget &lt;strong&gt;outputs identical HTML&lt;/strong&gt; across all major browsers, follows
        accessibility standards and provides API for content manipulation.

    $("#export").click(function(e) {
        var editor = $("#editor").data("kendoEditor");
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