checkboxes.checkChildren Boolean(default: false)

Indicates whether checkboxes of child items should get checked when the checkbox of a parent item is checked. This also enables tri-state checkboxes with an indeterminate state.

Note: when filter is enabled 'checkboxes.checkChildren' property is reset to 'false' because enabling both at the same time could lead to ambiguous scenarios. Currently this scenario is not supported by the widget.

When this property is enabled, it should be used with loadOnDemand set to 'false'. Otherwise, after expand of a checked node (and load of its inner items) the value selected in the widget and the checked items in the drop-down will no longer be in sync. Currently, such scenario is not among the supported.

Example - enable tri-state checkboxes and propagate checked state to children

<input id="dropdowntree" />

        dataSource: [
                text: "foo", items: [
                    { text: "bar" },
                    { text: "bar1" }
        checkboxes: {
            checkChildren: true
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