rootPane.panes.header String|Function

Sets the content of the header. Accepts a string or a kendo template. By default, the same content is displayed in the tab when the pane is unpinned or within a pane of type tab. If not specified the title is displayed. Available only for panes of type content.


<div style="height:500px; width:1000px">
    <div id="dockmanager"></div>
            rootPane: {
                type: "split",
                id: "rootPaneId",
                panes: [{
                        type: "content",
                        title: "Pane 1",
                        content: "Pane 1",
                        header: "Pane 1 header"
                        type: "content",
                        title: "Pane 2",
                        content: ({ headerContent }) => `Pane: ${headerContent}`,
                        type: "content",
                        title: "Pane 3",
                        content: "Pane 3",
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