Indicate that the pull event is handled (i.e. data from the server has been retrieved).

Custom pull to refresh view scroll handling

 <div data-role="view" data-init="initPullToRefreshScroller">
     <h2 id="pull-to-refresh-clock"></h2>

 function updateClock() {
     pullTime = kendo.toString(new Date(), "hh:mm:ss tt" );
     $("#pull-to-refresh-clock").html("Last update at " + pullTime + ". <br /> Pull to refresh.");

 function initPullToRefreshScroller(e) {
     var scroller = e.view.scroller;

         pullToRefresh: true,
         pull: function() {
             setTimeout(function() { scroller.pullHandled(); }, 400);

  new kendo.mobile.Application();
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